James Brown like you've never heard him

Listen to an advance track from the debut Happy Valley Band album ORGANVM PERCEPTVS, "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" inspired by the song of the same name by James Brown and Jean Newsome (1966). The Happy Valley Band plays computer deconstructions of popular music, created through a process of machine listening and transcription. Donate today and pre-order the full album on Hatchfund.


Madonna's "Like a Prayer" as heard by a computer algorithm

The opening track—Like a Prayer:

We are so excited to have reached our initial funding goal that we are releasing a special video edition of the album's opening track, Like a Prayer, with digital video plundering by video guru and Happy Valley Band member Alexander Dupuis.

With the remaining 5 days of the campaign we hope to secure as many pre-orders as possible. Please take a moment to share the video on Facebook and spread the word about the Hatchfund campaign.

We have big plans for ORGANVM PERCEPTVS—this video is just a sneak peak—please help us make it happen!